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About us.

Couriefreight is a newly established wholly Swazi owned business, engaged in courier business primarily within Swaziland and the Southern African region. As part of its strategic goal the company aims to add value by meeting its customer.

Our promise is to deliver the highest standards of service through quick and efficient collection and delivery services. As a newly established business, our business modus operandi is simple and yet efficient and reliable. At very affordable prices we will collect and deliver documents and packages from your door to the intended destination. Save time and money by using our clockwork service.

Our vision is to be the leading courier, freight and Logistics Company in Southern Africa.

Our affordable rates We are pleased to submit our proposed rates as attached and we look forward to a healthy and mutually relationship with you.

Our mission is to provide world class delivery services at the same time taking the load off our customer.

Our culture is embracing of all existing and aspiring customers within and outside the business community with a view to provide non-discriminatory service supported by sound judgment, innovation and expertise.

Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business. We expect our people to maintain high ethical standards in everything they do. We take ownership for our actions, and take pride in our work, alawys looking for better ways to improve the Courie freight culture and service.

Our affordable rates We are pleased to submit our proposed rates as attached and we look forward to a healthy and mutually relationship with you.



We are positioned, versus other service providers, as your “friendliest and most reliable partner, affording you personalized service” at very competitive prices. The Courie freight service provides an overnight five day-a-week pickup and delivery services to customer within Swaziland and South Africa, specializing mainly in the Johannesburg and Nelspruit route, as well as domestic warehousing, distribution and customers declarations.

Our team.

The best team in the world. Our team consists of dedicated, experienced and service driven individuals, the business is owner run and managed, which enable us to provide a more direct level of service which intimately leads to our customers approval, Our team is thoughtfully chosen:

Zonke Kenneth Maseko.

Mananging Director. He is a perssionate and humble man.
Senzo Wandile Mdlovu

Senzo Wandile Mdlovu.

Admin Officer. Drivers and Oparetors.

Logistic Solutions.

We are strategic.

Consultation is based on our customer goals and tactical partnership." All approaches keep customers entire supply chain in mind

We're hands-on.

Being proactive is the only way we can keep clients aware of what's happening with their shipments.

We're knowledgeable.

Our experience is broadly based on transpotation services across a broad range of industries.

We are intuitive.

Data and information drive transportation choices and perfomance. Creative options consider costs and opportunities while optimizing delivery routes.

we leverage.

We show clients where savings take place by evaluating best options impacting speed and delivery at ideal costs.

we build relationships.

we communicate regularly with partners customers and our extensive tracking network to establish close affliations to ensure customer needs are ultimately met.

Contact us.

Give us a call:

Cellphone: (+268) 7615 3047 / 7915 3047 / 7656 8816
Tel: (+268) 2518 8752
Email: couriefreight@gmail.com
Our Offices: Plot 783/84 industrial Matsapha, Swaziland, P. O Box d261 THE GABLES

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We love meeting new people!

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